Piano Moving

We have been moving pianos as part of our service offering for over 2 decades. All of our
movers attend professional piano moving training and are experienced working on teams to
relocate all types of pianos. We offer this service at no extra cost to our customers and are able
to relocate your piano on the same day as your regularly scheduled move. Call our office today
to discuss your piano moving needs with us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process
and what you can expect.
Our History of Piano Moving
Coastal Moving started moving pianos for our customers over a decade ago. The first 20 years
of us being in the moving industry our customers relied on specific piano moving companies to
move their pianos, as it wasn’t heard of in the industry for a household moving company to
move pianos. That kind of specialized moving service was separate and very expensive. It
wasn’t until we hired an employee that used to work for a piano moving service that we got the
idea to start moving pianos ourselves. It took a year of training and practicing with piano
companies and speaking to insurance companies and make sure we had a solid skill set under
our belt and could start moving customer’s pianos.

San Diego Moving Company

When it comes to local moving, two of the most important considerations are how long a move will take and whether everything will arrive without complications.  Our movers use particular techniques and equipment to increase the quality of your move.  Some of those methods include:

  • Covering every piece of furniture with thick moving blankets (secured with bands or tape).
  • Shrink-wrap for the protection of items such as sofas, curios, and unstable particle board.
  • Plastic mattress bags to prevent scuffing or soiling.
  • Doorjamb protectors, floor runners, and pads for stairway banisters.
  • 8 to 10 wardrobes for clothes, provided free for the duration of the move.
  • Tools for quick disassembly and reassembly of beds, tables, pianos, etc.
  • “Speed Pack” boxes to minimize the duration of long-carry moves.
  • Hexacomb-lined crates to secure glass, pictures, and televisions.
  • Most important of all: hard work combined with a minimization of all risks.

Movers & Packers San Diego

Hiring professional packers is a great time-saving option if you have fragile items that need proper protection for transport.  Our crews can safely pack up all your home’s belongings — everything from kitchen to garage items — in a matter of hours, relieving you of one of the most dreaded burdens of moving.

Typically we pack a day before the move. But for smaller homes, the pack and move can be completed in a single day.

Packing is priced at the same hourly rates as moving.  We also have boxes, paper and tape available at low costs.


Our state of the art storage facilities are secure, clean and are centrally located in San Diego.
Our security team and monitoring systems ensure that your items will remain safe, secure and
untouched by weather or pests. We have temperature controlled units for people that have
sensitive items such as expensive wines, oil paintings, sensitive electronics or instruments.
Storing your personal items with us is so easy because our team of movers will pick up your
items for you, wrap them in padded moving blankets, create an inventory list, and pack all
items into the storage space for you. When you are ready to receive your items out of storage
then our team will deliver the items to you, unwrap them and check them off of the inventory
Call us anytime to discuss your storage needs!
Storage Prices
Our storage services are on a monthly basis and there is no move in/out fee. We have
automated billing services so you can set it and forget it. When you are ready to move out of
storage, just give us a call when you know the date and location and we will deliver your items
to your doorstep.